Jacqueline Karaaslanien

Jacqueline Karaaslanian
Co-Founder & CEO
Trailblazer, Team-Leader, Forward-Thinker


Co-Founder & CEO
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
2018 – present
⦁ An emergent solutions development agency, working with innovators in the field of technology, AI, education and constructionist learning.
⦁ Translating visions into actions, projects, products and services.

CO-Founder and Advisor
Skill Genome Inc. Skill Mapping for the IR 4.0
2018 – present
⦁ An aggregator of learning and skilling services with a special focus on digital skills.
⦁ Skill Genome Inc. maps skills and offers guidance and matching within the job market of today as well as highlighting its emerging trends.

CO-Founder and CEO
Skill Land. We Reskill the World
2018 – present

Founding Executive Director
Luys Education Foundation
2009 – 2018
⦁ Created and implemented visionary education programs that support the development of a new generation of critical thinkers and doers in Armenia.
⦁ Managed 25 million USD in scholarship grants that enabled over 500 Armenian scholars from 18 different countries to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies in the world’s top 10 centers of excellence.

Cutting-edge Research Group Management
1985 – 2009
⦁ Joined the scientific research team of Professor Seymour Papert, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, education, and technology.
⦁ Gained an exceptional ability to sharpen emerging concepts and develop the corresponding strategic actions for quality prototyping and scaling into full development.

Media-Lab, MIT
Experiential Learning Expertise
Sorbonne, Paris
Linguistics and Comparative Literature

Good understanding of Spanish and Italian


Learning to Learn
Proactive partnership with the most visionary people of our times.

Empowering Learners
Being part of lead projects that empowered millions of learners across the world to access the best education.

Collaboration for Positive Change
Developing a network of innovative and generous minds with a shared goal of shaping better futures.

Bringing talents together to work from idea to full implementation
Making big ideas come to life
Strong work ethic
Combining ideas with action
Navigating diverse cultures and bringing them together in innovative partnerships

My mentors are Seymour Papert and Marvin Minsky for their outstanding capacity to see and build the future and Glorianna Davenport for teaching me how to deep listen and strive for clarity in the most complex worlds of ideas and the largest scale projects.

Two of my favorite quotes
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
–John Lennon
Singer, songwriter and peace activist.

“Learning is less about acquiring information or transmitting existing ideas or values, than it is about collectively designing a world in which it is worth living.”
–Edith Ackermann, PhD
MIT researcher and psychologist who explored the interactions between developmental psychology, play, learning, and design.

Love to learn, read, think and share.
Looking for clarity in an ocean of ideas, and the exhilarating decision of taking a deeper dive into some.
Brainstorming ideas with partners from all around the world.
Managing international teams of innovators and inventors.
Advising and mentoring the younger generation.
Spending quality time with family and friends.
Going for walks by the ocean or in the mountains.
Designing always.
The joy Cooking and bringing many worlds of flavors together.