Our Team

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Our Team

Every person on our team has an impressive track record in their respective fields of innovation, making things happen, traveling untraveled paths, transitioning from small to large scale without losing quality and focus. We dream big and specialize in building prototypes that encompass the full potential and promise of the vision.

We began working together in some of the most innovative hubs in the world: MIT Media Lab and Harvard (Boston); Pratt and NYU (New York); Digital Art Centers (France); Scientists and Mathematicians and Visionaries (Armenia). Since then, we have expanded our collaboration into the vast networks of each contributor. We represent different backgrounds, cultures, generations and strengths, but are untied in our values and goal of shaping better futures.

Jacqueline Karaaslanian
Co-Founder & CEO
Trailblazer, Team-Leader, Forward-Thinker
Maria Lucas
Co-Founder & Vice President Strategic Partnerships
Risk Assessor, Strategist, Business Developer
Vasken Kalayjian
Co-Founder & President, Global Head of Design and Branding
Visionary Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist & Author
David Cavallo
Chief Learning Architect
Seminal Thinker in Learning Sciences, Scale-Up Strategist, Change Maker
Chris Cleary
Content Curator, Translator & Software Business Architect
Author and Translator of Ancient Classics
Florent Aziosmanoff
Internet of Things & Living Arts Architect
Researcher, Living Arts Architect & Creative Content Producer
Garegin Chookaszian
Futurist & Information Technology Expert
Futurist, Developer in Emerging and Game-Changing Technologies
Anna Gargarian
Art Curator & Cultural Creative Officer
Builder of Creative Hubs – Designer of Infrastructures, Venues and Networks within the Creative Industry.
Gurgen Martirosyan
Blockchain Specialist
Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Creative Programming Influencer
Emily Shore
Content Strategist, Copy Writer

We Present

Our Partners

Allen Sayegh
Partner. Invivia
Design, Technology & Research Studio
Melina Garibyan
Facilitator for Change and Organizational Development
Mané Mehrabyan
Human Experience Design and Environmental Analysis
Zohrab Bauer
Z Bauer Architects