Florent Aziosmanoff
Internet of Things & Living Arts Architect
Researcher, Living Arts Architect & Creative Director


Internet of Things & Living Arts Architect
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
2018 – present
⦁ An emergent solutions development agency, working with innovators in the field of technology, AI, education and constructionist learning.
⦁ Translating visions into actions, projects, products and services.

Aziosmanoff Production & Living Art Lab
1998 – present
⦁ Developed unique expertise in the field of digital art using artificial intelligence, called “Living Art”.
⦁ Created living art works of fiction, using autonomous robots, including, “The Little Red Riding Hood” (Le Petit Chaperon Rouge) and “The Garden of Love” (Le Jardin des Amours).

Co-Founder, Director
1988 – 2017
⦁ A hub for arts in Paris.
⦁ Coordinated events, exhibitions, symposia, and the general assembly on interactive writing.
⦁ Published the center’s Nov’art magazine.

Co-Founder, Creative Director
The Cube
2001 – Present
⦁ The first center for digital art in France, based in Paris.
⦁ Principally responsible for artist training, production of digital artworks, and curation of landmark international exhibitions and conferences, such as the 1st Contact Festival in Paris, premiering the works of living art in an urban space.

Creative Director
Faém Living Jewelry
2011– 2014
⦁ Application of innovative technology to luxury goods.
⦁ Most recently, “Living Mona Lisa” (2015) is both a living art piece and a living jewelry prototype.

⦁ Influential books in the field of digital art:
Living Art, Digital Art (CNRS Editions, Paris, 2010)
Living Art, Foundations (CNRS Editions, Paris, 2015)

⦁ Creativity and innovation, thinking out of the box
⦁ Methodologist, use of A.I. in art & design