David Cavallo
Chief Learning Architect
Seminal Thinker in Learning Sciences, Scale-Up Strategist, Change Maker


Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
2018 – present
⦁ Consulting Learning Architect to the Fab Foundation.
⦁ Special Consultant to the Director of the South End Technology Center (SETC).
⦁ Integrating new computational technologies to dramatically improve equal access learning in schools and communities.
⦁ Coordinating a collaboration between SETC, the Fab Foundation, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, the Mayor’s office of the city of Boston, and Boston public schools to improve vocational STEM learning across the curriculum and provide equitable access to learning computation and digital fabrication for the modern era.

Advisor & Head of Global Strategic Partnerships
Skill Genome Inc. Skill Mapping for the IR 4.0
2018 – present

Advisor & Head of Global Strategic Partnerships
Skill Land. We Reskill the World
2018 – present

Research Scientist & Director of Future of Learning Group
MIT Media Laboratory
⦁ Research into how the constructive and creative use of digital technologies can contribute to human learning and equitable social development.
⦁ Working with colleagues and students to create numerous new projects, environments, technologies, and tools for learning in schools, informal settings, and communities.

Project Lead
Harvard University Health Services
⦁ Led the design and implementation of medical informatics as part of a reform of health care delivery and management, and this system was subsequently adopted by many top universities in the US.

Software Principal Engineer
Digital’s Artificial Intelligence Group
⦁ Founded the first Advanced Technology group for Digital’s Latin American and Caribbean region.
⦁ Led the design and programming of various advanced AI projects, including an intelligent learning environment for training the government’s air traffic controllers; analysis of remote sensing to prevent deforestation and provide environmental protection; intelligent networking, and more.


PhD and MSc, Media Sciences (Learning & Technology)
Media Laboratory, MIT

Computer Science
Rutgers University, NJ


Leading & Inspiring
Working with students and public schools, from Boston to São Paulo, to integrate computational technologies into their learning, through various research projects.

Advising Governments
Consulting on the ways in which educational transformation can be catalyzed by computational technologies.

Project Lighthouse
A large-scale educational transformation project in Thailand, using constructionist approaches and digital technologies to dramatically improve learning in the country.

Learn to Teach: Teach to Learn
A program with Mel King and the South End Technology Center for Boston public high school students, where they designed and developed projects using computational technologies and then taught younger learners in technology centers.

⦁ Strong ethics and integrity
⦁ Commitment to social and economic equity, inclusion and justice
⦁ Capacity to inspire and motivate
⦁ Collaboration
⦁ Continuous learning and quest for improvement