Garegin Chookaszian
Futurist & Information Technology Expert
Futurist, Developer in Emerging and Game-Changing Technologies

Futurist & Information Technology Expert
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
2018 – present
⦁ An emergent solutions development agency, working with innovators in the field of technology, AI, education and constructionist learning.
⦁ Translating visions into actions, projects, products, and services.


Skill Genome Corp. Skill Mapping for the IR 4.0
2018 – present

Skill Land. We Reskill the World
2018 – present

Co-founder & President
Information Technologies Education JSC
1998 – present
⦁ Projects include award-winning multimedia titles in education

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Information Technologies Foundation
1998 – present
⦁ Projects include organizing the Global e-Content Summit and the Pan European Forum on Human Rights in the Information Society (2006), as well as five All-Armenian e-Content contests (2005-2010).

Armenia’s Presidential IT Development Support Council
2004 – 2011

Chairman of the Board
Open Society Assistance Foundation Armenia
1999 – 2001
⦁ Member of OSI sub-board (Budapest, Hungary), making strategic decisions for information and communication programs (Internet, libraries, electronic publishing) for OSI network in about 30 countries.

Department of Information and Publishing, Government of Republic of Armenia
⦁ Launched the first Armenian satellite TV channel.

MS, Applied Mathematics
Academy of Sciences, Armenia
BS, Applied Mathematics

Yerevan State University


Skill Land
A universal platform that allows people to explore the potential of their minds and shape their skills on demand.

Breaking New Ground
Launched the first Armenian satellite TV channel in 1997.
Managed the first Webcasting of the World Chess Olympiad in 1996 and World Summit Award-winning titles.
Pioneering research into the human skill genome.

Consulting at the Highest Level
Currently serving as an expert on the Steering Committee for the Media and Information Society (CDMSI) of the Council of Europe, and a member of the High-Level Panel of Advisers to the UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID).

⦁ The diverse experience of different cultures and sectors of society
⦁ Robust philosophy, rooted in ancient wisdom
⦁ Innovation
⦁ Commitment to equitable access to education
⦁ Multimedia production

The study of ancient wisdom, waves of thought, philosophies, paths and innovations that have transformed and are transforming the world.