Chris Cleary

Chris Cleary
Content Curator, Author, Translator & Software Business Architect
Author and Translator of Ancient Classics

Content Curator, Author, Translator & Software Business Architect
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
2018 – present
⦁ An emergent solutions development agency, working with innovators in the field of technology, AI, education and constructionist learning.
⦁ Translating visions into actions, projects, products and services.

Author / Translator of The Ancient Classics

Buddhist Texts Translator
A well-known writer and translator of Chinese Buddhist writings
What practical lessons can we learn from the classics?
⦁ How to move beyond the limitations imposed by cultural preconceptions
⦁ How to enable communication and collaboration across cultural boundaries
⦁ How to free ourselves from artificial concepts, and learn to see the real patterns of cause and effect operating in the human world
⦁ How to create and lead strong organizations founded on mutual respect and trust among team members
⦁ Develop reality-based strategies that will really work – how to “win without fighting”
From Technical Writer to Business Architect
Software Business Analyst
(1997 – 2017)
⦁ Expert at bridging the gap between software engineers and the end user
⦁ Expert at winning the confidence of business stakeholders, customers, end users, arriving at a deep understanding of the logic of their business operations
⦁ Expert at translating this business process logic into artifacts that software architects and user interface designers can work from to build the right things.
⦁ Hands-on experience with startups

Preschool Teacher
(1975 – 1989)
A major learning adventure:
⦁ Creating environments that nurture young children and encourage their natural creativity to flourish, environments that launch them on a trajectory of lifelong learning.
⦁ Deep feeling for the cultural differences among parents, and the challenges parents face in a world structured to highjack their children and make them into conformist consumers
⦁ Deep appreciation for the teams of teachers I worked with, and the difficult issues they must face and resolve
⦁ Firsthand knowledge of the subtleties of creating parent-teacher cooperatives and achieving consensus within culturally diverse groups on how to meet challenges with limited resources

Harvard College: A.B. summa cum laude,1969
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. 1985 in East Asian Languages and Civilizations

⦁ Multicultural appreciation and collaboration
⦁ Resilience and perseverance
⦁ Personal experience of startups that have failed and startups that have succeeded
⦁ Balance between elegant design and effective results

INSPIRATIONS: Zen classics, contemporary Buddhist teachers, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian wisdom traditions.